It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten. 

Akan proverb — Ghana

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Mother Eana and the Race for the Future

As global warming melts the Arctic, competition for control of its valuable resources is also heating up, threatening the survival of the Sámi, Europe’s last indigenous people, and the future of one the last unspoiled frontiers of our planet.

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My Bones Shall Rise

The dark shadows of Africa’s colonial past come alive when a professor of African history tries to reclaim the skull of his great-grandfather, kept in a British museum with the remains of other Zimbabwean resistance leaders as war trophies since the 1890s.

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To Stand and Fight

A former gang member decides to investigate the high-profile police killing of his great-grandfather, a Black WWII veteran, in the suburbs of New York in 1946. His journey forces him to confront the deep racism of America and the trauma the shooting inflicted on four generations of his family.

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Looking For Ishmael

In search of the brotherhood between the the two sons of Abraham, a filmmaker journeys across North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, retracing the steps of his Jewish ancestors who lived in harmony with their Muslim neighbors for centuries.