They come to me

and show books

Law books

that they have written themselves

This is the law and it applies to you too

See here

But I do not see brother

I do not see sister

I cannot

I say nothing

I only show them the tundra


Nils-Aslak Valkeapää — Trekways of the Wind

Mother Eana_2.jpg

Mother Eana and the Race for the Future

As global warming melts the Arctic, competition for control of its valuable resources is also heating up, threatening the survival of the Sámi, Europe’s last indigenous people, and the future of one the last unspoiled frontiers of our planet.

MY BONES_2.jpg

My Bones Shall Rise

The dark shadows of Africa’s colonial past come alive when a professor of African history tries to reclaim the skull of his great-grandfather, kept in a British museum with the remains of other Zimbabwean resistance leaders as war trophies since the 1890s.