Stories that connect

the Global South with the North... 

the past with the future…

Our stories define our realities…

and those that have dominated the global narrative for the past few centuries are unraveling…

creating space for new and ancient stories* to be told, imagined and experienced.


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Eanuid Eadni - The River Speaks

Flowing through the Arctic tundra on the far northern edge of the European continent, one of our planet’s last free rivers comes alive to tell a timeless story of a Sámi fisherwoman fighting to save its sacred waters and the future of her people.


Invisible Lines

How does the past live in the present?

A former gang member investigates the high-profile police killing of his great-grandfather, a Black WWII veteran, in the suburbs of New York in 1946 and confronts the traumas at the root of American racism.

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My Bones Shall Rise

The dark shadows of Africa’s colonial past come alive when a professor of history tries to reclaim the skull of his great-grandfather, kept in a British museum with the remains of other Zimbabwean resistance leaders as war trophies since the 1890s.

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Looking For Ishmael

A filmmaker journeys across North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, to question the story of Issac and Ishmael, two sons of Abraham. Retracing the history of his ancestors, he deconstructs the close and complex relationship between Muslims and Jews.


Maman - In the Web of the Spider Woman

A never before seen side of Louise Bourgeois, one of the greatest figures of modern art, is revealed through her eccentric son Jean-Louis. An intimate exploration of the complex, contradictory and sometimes dark forces that inspire creative genius. See video.


Karhukultti - The Last Bear Cult

The forests of Eastern Finland are the last refuge for the European Brown Bear but they also hold the survivors of a secret society of traditional hunters who worship an animal that has been sacred to humans since the Stone Age.




Áhkku noun (Northern Sámi) 

1: Grandmother  2: old woman  3: sacred Sámi deity


Inspired by the Grandmothers, keepers and protectors of ancestral wisdom in cultures around the world, Áhkku Vision is a production company committed to the creation and revival of new and ancient stories that connect, restore and heal.


Founded by award-winning documentary filmmaker, investigative journalist and former war correspondent Bob Coen, its core values were seeded in the struggles for social justice in Southern Africa and informed by more than three decades of storytelling journeys across four continents.


Encompassing feature documentaries, shorts and other visual stories, Áhkku Vision’s projects are all connected by the common theme of expanding horizons by challenging accepted narratives and reexamining the past to understand the present, so as to protect the future. 

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