Brutality knows no boundaries. Greed knows no limits. Perversion knows no borders. . . 

These characteristics all push towards an extreme, always moving forward once the initial infection sets in. . . . 

This is the disease of the consuming of other creatures' lives and possessions. I call it cannibalism.

Jack D. Forbes — Columbus and Other Cannibals

Mother Eana_2.jpg

Mother Eana and the Race for the Future

As global warming melts the Arctic, competition for control of its valuable resources is also heating up, threatening the survival of the Sámi, Europe’s last indigenous people, and the future of one the last unspoiled frontiers of our planet.


Maman - In the Web of the Spider Woman

A never before seen side of Louise Bourgeois, one of the greatest figures of modern art, is revealed through her eccentric son Jean-Louis. An intimate exploration of the complex, contradictory and sometimes dark forces that inspire creative genius. See video.